The Locker Mint offers many services to the global public. Beyond casting, we also offer gold gilding, antiquing, brokering, and more!

Plating and Gilding

Sometimes all that's keeping a piece from perfection is the finish. The Locker Mint can help!

24K Gold Gilding

Each piece the Lockermint finishes can come with it's own Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) from the Locker Mint to establish it's legitimacy gilded in bona fide 24 karat.

Rhodium coming soon!

Soon the beautiful tones that only Rhodium can offer will also be available as a finishing option.

Brokering available

With our top industry connections, if we can't do it odds are we know someone who can! We know first hand what a nightmare it can be trying to piece it all together. We've been there.

We're proud to say after years in the precious metals domain we can help accomplish anything from design to manufacturing.

Every product is unique, and as such all fees and costs are also unique to your use case.